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  1. Fixed width layouts are easy to use and customize
  2. There is less hassle with videos, images and other content, as width is same for every browser.
  3. No need for keeping minimum and maximum width, as anyway the browser does not support it.
  4. The content will be wide enough at larger resolutions, even if the website is designed to be compatible with the smallest screen resolution.
  1. Small screen resolutions may require a horizontal scroll bar.
  2. A fixed width layout may create excessive white space for users with large screen resolutions.
  3. They have a lower score when it comes to usability.
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Benefits of Fixed Width Layouts

Sites that require precise control over how the pages look in every situation would do well to use a fixed width layout. This provides more assurance that the branding of your Web site is consistent and clear no matter what size monitor it's viewed on.

  1. A fixed width layout allows the designer to build pages that will look identical no matter who is looking at them.
  2. Fixed width elements such as images will not overpower text on smaller monitors because the width of the entire page will include those elements.
  3. Scan length will not be impacted by large segments of text, no matter how wide the Web browser is.

Websites with Fixed Navigation

Navigation is key to guide the readers through the content of a website and help them find what they're looking for. An effective and useful navigation must be accesible, clear and intuitive. For long websites with a lot of content like blogs, a fixed or sticky navigation system can be the best option.

Fixed elements in a website are positioned relatively to the browser window instead of the page itself. When users scroll down in a website with fixed elements, those elements stay in their place while the rest of the content moves. Fixed navigation doesn't force the viewer to scroll back up when they want to navigate the rest of the site.

However, a designer must take into account that a fixed navigation menu will take a permanent place in the screen, leaving less space for other content.

Fixed Design Explained

This type of design will ensure that the webpage remains the same width no matter which screen you view the website on. This is a better option for pictures, as too much text can annoy the users especially if their screens are smaller than the one the website was originally designed on. This will lead to the annoying task of scrolling from left to right so to continue reading the text. This annoyance is often the biggest grievance against fixed website design.

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The box layout is much more conducive to a design where a highly structured layout is preferable. It allows the designer to constrain the canvas that they are working with, so that it looks exactly the same across all browsers and all devices.

It is therefore much easier to lay out a grid and place items on your web page without worrying about changing the layout to match many devices. However, some designers don't like the fact that you are not using the entire space on the page. Box layouts are usually prevalent in designs where retail products are being sold, or a lot of detailed information about a number of products needs to be displayed.

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