Mobile Commerce Development Services

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Our developers can expertly put together a mobile commerce solution that fully integrates with your existing eCommerce website that includes product catalogue, inventory, shipping methods, payments and checkout as well as all other functionalities.

So, whether you are looking for designing a new store or integrating your existing online store with a mobile app with eCommerce features, we can help you with the perfect solution for your business. If you are looking at expanding your current boundaries and venturing out into the mobile space, we can help you get there affordably with all the relevant aspects of selling online included.

Mobile commerce apps are not the mere presence of your business online, but opportunities for business expansion that includes tapping the huge mobile user base and getting an edge over the competition.

 Mobile Commerce Development Services  Calicut Kannur Bangalore Cochin

The developers at Outsource2india can assist in the planning, development, and the eventual deployment of a custom m-Commerce solution as per your requirements.

By partnering with merchants, payment card associations, and even money transfer companies, we have been able to bring our unique solution across to a wide range of clientele, and transform their mobile commerce strategy.

Advances in wireless technology increase the number of mobile device users and give pace to the rapid development of e-commerce using these devices. The new type of e-commerce, conducting transactions via mobile terminals, is called mobile commerce.

Due to its inherent characteristics such as ubiquity, personalization, flexibility, and dissemination, mobile commerce promises businesses unprecedented market potential, great productivity, and high profitability.

1. Mobile Commerce App Development

Our m-Commerce app development ensures a high-quality mobile shopping or payment platform which has been thoroughly tested on different devices and operating systems in order to ensure custom satisfaction. By reshaping traditional business models, we aim to not only drive better profits for our clients, but better brand awareness and brand loyalty as well. Our solutions can be developed for all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows App Development, etc., and include -

  1. Mobile e-commerce Platforms (B2B and B2C)
  2. Mobile Money Transfer Apps
  3. Content Purchase and Delivery Apps
  4. Mobile Wallet Apps
  5. Online Reservation and Travel Booking Apps
  6. Entertainment Apps with In-app Purchases
2. Mobile Shopping Platforms

Over the years, we have partnered with various successful e-commerce giants and startups to bring their services to the mobile platform. We have developed highly-efficient, fluid, and intuitive shopping apps to target new users as well as simplify the shopping experience for casual users. Our services further include -

  1. Mobile e-commerce Platforms (B2B and B2C)
  2. Location Based Offer Platforms
  3. Mobile Auction Houses
3. Other m-Commerce Development Services

Along with the above mentioned services, we also offer customized mobile commerce solutions by understanding your requirements properly. We strive to develop the perfect m-Commerce solution for your business by following the latest best practices in design, overall functionality, and usability. We can help you with the following -

  1. Mobile Commerce Website and Theme Designs
  2. Mobile Shopping Cart Customization and Development
  3. m-Commerce CRM Development
  4. Shipping and Payment Gateway Integration

In addition to delivering perfect M-commerce solutions, we also create features that help customize each user's experience. Some of the best features of our average apps include -

  1. High-quality Images, audio, and video
  2. Social Media Sharing
  3. Real-time Notifications
  4. On-device checkout
  5. Product search/Browsing
  6. Favorites and Wish lists

The Growth of M-Commerce

M-commerce is an advanced version of eCommerce applications that only smartphone users can use. It is a new buzzword that has remodeled the way customers transact, purchase, inform and interact.

Today, the growth of technically sound mobile phones has become a real-time reason which helps expand the reach of your business, maximize profits and improve communications with prospects.

Owing to the m-commerce market expansion, the e-commerce growth factors get affected a lot. You may have a brief look at the below stats:

  1. The app economy has already reached the heights and is expected to grow in next five years up to $6.3 trillion.
  2. This revolutionary change is the result of immense mobile e-commerce growth which is running fast to successfully capture the predicted 6.3 billion app users that will rely on m-commerce by 2021.
  3. This will automatically raise the scale of overall ecommerce growth as the expected numbers of users will spend $946 on mobile commerce.

Our company is also growing with the market growth and committed to developing the best online shopping apps that provide your business an opportunity to differentiate your brand from competitors.

Our Achievements In App Development Industry

Zillion IT Solutions with years of experience in online shopping app development has been facilitating retailers wish to showcase their products & services over the web. We are the pioneer and offers a wide range of mobile app development services to deliver beautiful platforms and ecommerce applications.

Our creative team has the quality to bend the app designs the way business needs them. Along with making app's coding strong, we target simplicity, content, presentation, speed, navigation, UI and device compatibility in an online shopping app design. Apart from all these, Zillion is well-known across the market for integrating modern-day features that make an app more user-friendly and popular. To achieve all this, we employ time-proven and advanced tools & technologies.

Developing online shopping apps on the basis of client's expectations may have a variety of features. If you have no idea of what to integrate into an app, you may follow the below-mentioned checklist of must-have mobile app features.

An e-commerce app should possess below features:

  1. Fast access/loading
  2. Easy login and registration process
  3. Smooth & organized navigation
  4. Excellent search & filter options
  5. Specific language support
  6. Multiple & safe payment options
  7. Real-time notification facility
  8. Beautiful design & UX
  9. Robust design with security features
  10. Automatic update facility
  1. Categories & products listing
  2. Visually appealing product catalogue
  3. Easy browsing with 1000s of products
  4. Shoppers can add items in shopping cart
  5. Different yet safe payment modes
  6. Order history & cancellation benefits
  7. Pickup & delivery acknowledgment
  8. Simple to use admin panel
  9. Item selection using wishlist
  10. Catalog & inventory management

E-Commerce App Solutions

Anyone from any business domain can have ecommerce app development from us. This is to accommodate different sectors and their needs so that they can have innovative mobile shopping app development benefits.

In our project portfolio, you will find that we have competently developed Android ecommerce app and Magento mobile app as per client preferences. Besides, our app developers are also specialized in creating shopping apps for iPhone users.

See who can reap advantages with our m-commerce app development:

  1. Hotels & Restaurants
  2. Apparel & Fashion Outlets
  3. Grocery Stores
  4. Medical institutions & Pharmacy
  5. Food Ordering Business
  6. Cab/Taxi Owners

We have made it our business to assist organizations that enter into mobile arena to boost their business sales and revenue. Come to us and get effective mobile apps that attract new users and customers within seconds.

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