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Analytical Consultation Calicut

Data Analytics Consulting Services is the new tweak in Business Analytics. Data Analytics Consulting Services uses an array of methods that optimizes various business intelligence tasks by leveraging existing data. Business Analytics has unleashed a whole new world to us and raised decision making to a radically different strata. Today informed decision is being made by slicing, dicing and scrutinizing the data.

  1. Understanding the need of the client, developing innovative solutions, orchestrating the entire life cycle of the project and presenting the solution to the end-user.
  2. Tapping the organization'sexisting knowledge base and capabilities to identify the best solution to the client's need according to their timelines, budget and constraints.
  3. Recognizing new business opportunities for the organizationto secure new projects from new or existing clients
Analytics Consulting Bangalore

An Analytics Consulting professional has a client-facing role. After completion and testing of the project, he needs to make a structured report.

  1. A bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics
  2. Proficiency in data analysis tools such as Big Data – Hadoop, Hive, Data Visualisation – Tableau, Qlik as well as Traditional Business Intelligence – SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos and Oracle Business Intelligence
  3. Concrete knowledge of Predictive and Descriptive Analytics
  4. Around 6-8 years of experience in the analytics reporting with domain specialization
  5. An industry certification in business analytics/ data science from a reputed institute
  6. Strong interpersonal skills to understand the client needs and communicate the designed solution
 Analytics Consultants Cochin

One trait of a great leader is the ability to recognize when to bring in the experts. As we live and breathe Google, Blast can take this particular weight off your shoulders.

Our experienced Google Analytics consultants can take you from strategy through implementation and beyond, teaching you how to pull a report, and making recommendations for configurations that would benefit your business. We'll share ideas that will keep you engaged and excited about what's possible using your data.

Google Analytics consulting can also lead to recommendations for supplemental tools that will expand your understanding of customer behavior, so you can respond with actions that pay off.

Defining Data Sources

What objective data is available that might help explain or illuminate? What other data might be needed? Will controlled experiments be necessary? Can secondary data play a role? What is the best way to collect and organize this data to assemble the analytical database?

Exploring the Data

Often times the data itself can lead consultants to new understanding and new hypotheses or help refine hypotheses. So, typically, a series of exploratory analyses of the data are undertaken to let the data tell its story independent of human biases. This helps provide the insight and understanding needed to build sophisticated simulation models.

Building Mathematical Models

The goal of model-building is to simulate or represent the real-world system of interest, so that scientific experiments can be conducted. With simulation models hundreds or even thousands of possible solutions can be explored, to identify optimal solutions under differing conditions or constraints.

Advanced Analytics Consultation Chennai

Transform your business by learning custom best practices to make the most informed decision possible by analyzing all of the data you need in real time. Engage with Microsoft experts to receive guidance on insights that you need to deliver intelligent actions that improve customer engagement, improve revenue and lower your costs.

During this technical consultation with a Microsoft expert, you can expect to receive:

  1. A summary of Microsoft's Analytics Suite and how it caters to application development
  2. Define the costs and ROI for utilizing analytics tools
  3. Guidance to create Intelligent Solutions with Advanced Analytics Technologies

Insist on a Certified Google Partner

You deserve to feel the relief that comes from partnering with Blast, a Certified Google Analytics Partner since 2008. Our expertise has developed over hundreds of client engagements and analytics projects.

One key to our continued success is our basic methodology: strategy, implementation, optimization and training.

  1. Strategy: We begin with a Google Analytics Audit to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your implementation, and conduct research and discovery to design a new implementation that gathers the data relevant to you.

  2. Implementation: This entails creating snippets of code for your website, as well as setting the parameters for the custom dimensions and metrics that were recommended during the strategy phase.

  3. Optimization: Continuous process of data analysis and providing insights that lead to action. Reports are studied regularly to make sure the metrics are still relevant to your goals, and data is clean.

  4. Training: Our Google Analytics consultants provide ongoing education and training for your team, so they can be empowered to guide your sustained success.

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