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We are living in an era where customers are tech- savvy, always connected to social platforms through their smart mobile devices. This new generation of customers expects intuitive and seamless customer experience from the brands they engage with.

They demand near real time response to their queries and expect more personalized recommendations/ suggestions from the brand. To satisfy these customer demands and to address the increasing competition in the business space, more brands/ businesses are turning their focus to build chatbots or virtual agents that can manage customer queries round the clock without any delay.

In fact, chatbots engage their customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right information in a cost-efficient way. It acts as a human face of the brand where customers can build trust and empathy.

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  1. Ability to engage with the customers in a natural and friendly manner
  2. Easy to interact using a simpler interface
  3. Interactions are possible through familiar platforms like Facebook chat through API
  4. Capability to outperform humans with the speed of handling customer queries
  5. Improved efficiency with round the clock customer service
  6. Easy to build and cost efficient
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One of the major features of the mCaaS- managed Content as a Service platform- a pluggable, cloud powered Digital Content Broker Solution from Happiest Minds is that it is powered with AI powered Chatbots. When a customer interacts with the brand, the Digital Query Assistant (DQA) platform of mCaaS can respond back in the form of virtual assistants or chatbots with intuitive answers for customer queries.

The other two options include the self-service platform and associate service platform for customer interactions with the brand.

The major features of the AI Powered Chatbot Application in mCaaS Digital Query Assistant platform involves deep learning abilities with neural network framework, self-assembling of knowledge, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, image processing, user behavioral analytics and predictive conversation.

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Use Cases

Chatbots can be used in many different ways, which is the reason why it's difficult to define exactly what they are. It is actually possible to come up with a chatbot use case for every single business or industry, in the same way that every business or industry can use a website or app.

The following are some examples of chatbot applications out of the infinite possibilities:

  1. A takeaway restaurant allowing customers to order from a chatbot, either in the store or at home.
  2. A sit down restaurant allowing customers to order food from their table using a chatbot.
  3. A retail store offering promotions for customers in the shopping mall via the chatbot.
  4. A marketing campaign that asks customers questions or allows them to play a game using a chatbot.
  5. A chatbot that helps customers make ecommerce purchases.
  6. A chatbot that answers customer services questions and provides help with different tasks.
  7. A chatbot that monitors employees or customer's satisfaction
  8. A chatbot that allows customers to book flights and receive relevant information when they are in the airport.

Types Of Chatbots

To understand the nature of chatbot conversations it is important to understand that there are three types of chatbots.

  1. Scripted chatbots: Conversations with this type of chatbot can only follow predetermined paths. At each step in the conversation the user will need to pick from explicit options to determine the next step in the conversation. How the options are presented to the user at each step in the conversation, i.e. whether they need a text, voice or touch response will depend on the features of the chat platform and how the bot is programmed that the user is on and the design of the bot.

  2. Intelligent chatbots: Artificial intelligence allows them to be more flexible in terms of the user input they can accept. They can accept free form input in the form of text or voice statements (but of course they are not limited to other forms of input if that makes sense). AI also allows them to improve the more that they are used. It should be noted however that although AI works very well in very limited knowledge domains, or for one off instructions, the actual intelligence of the bot is limited. It is extremely difficult to get a bot to "understand" context or ambiguity or to have a useful memory that influences the conversation.

  3. Application chatbots: As mentioned, both scripted and intelligent chatbots can have graphical user interfaces. Application bots is therefore not a separate category of bots per say. The fact that the bots can be interacted with using a graphical user interface is an important concept for chatbot developers. If a user can do the job they need to do more efficiently via a graphical interface then the bot needs to show a graphical interface at that point in the conversation.
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Chatbots are currently seen on websites, social platforms and smartphones and are utilized as easy and fun ways to assist customers in their interactions with a brand. Even if the bot revolution is in its early phase, we can expect a lot more advancements in this field.

With the evolution of AI technology and deep learning, the chatbots are expected to become more empowered to offer better language processing capabilities and extensive personalization in the coming days.

Let us expect in the future, chatbots will get embedded in almost all the interconnected devices that we use in our day to day lives. This will fundamentally transform human interactions with digital business platforms and will open up new realms of personalized customer experience.

Foreseeing this immense potential of the chatbots, organizations have started investing heavily in this space. The next generation of intelligent chatbots with more power to store, synthesize and recall data can possibly make smart purchasing decisions for you, or warn you of a bad weather condition or hectic traffic on your drive way to office.

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