Professional Data Recovery Services

Mac Data Recovery Services

Professional Data Recovery service for premium computers. Recovering Data from premium computers like MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac devices requires special skills and best technology. You need to contact a professional Data Recovery like Stellar to recover your important data.

How to recover deleted files on your Mac in modern times

Now data recovery has become about pattern recognition of individual file types. This has the advantage of making the recovery more robust and consistent because it is no longer dependent on the filesystem, so it makes no difference if a disk has been formatted or not.

Now the only requirement for a deleted file to be recoverable is for it to be present, irrespective of the filesystem. It also makes it filesystem independent. It works on hard disks, USB flash sticks, USB hard disks, Intel Optane storage, & SSD's, SD Cards, Apple's APFS disk format, digital cameras, Android phones & tablets, or anything else that can be plugged into a Mac.

OS X does not even necessarily have to be able to mount the device, and that way it can work on devices which do not show up in the Finder. For data recovery of digital cameras it is sometimes preferable to put the camera's SD card into an SD card reader rather than plugging the camera in with a USB cable, but it depends on the camera.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

The first step in recovering from a data loss is to ascertain whether the loss is a result of a physical hard drive failure, i.e. broken hardware; or, a logical drive failure, i.e. corruption or loss of File System or data. This article identifies the symptoms of physical hard drive failure.

Your external hard drive may fail due to various reasons (data deletion, virus attack, power surge, clicking noise coming out of your drive, head-crash, no sensation in the drive & many more). We at Stellar assure up to 100% recovery of your data from all Hard Drive irrespective of any data loss situations.

A Note Re. External USB Hard Drive Data Recovery

An external USB drive adds another layer of USB electronics between the hard disk and the computer. These USB components are also subject to failure. When dealing with a failed external drive, part of the diagnostic procedure is to remove the drive from its case and try an alternate connection.

  1. Not Initialized in Windows Disk Management
  2. Drive Not Spinning (no power)
  3. Excessively Hot Drive
  4. Abnormal Ticking Noise
Server Data Recovery

When your server fails or is missing data we understand the urgency to recover your data and get you back up and running. Our team of engineers are experts in server data recovery. We work with our clients and the equipment manufacturer to recover the maximum amount of data as quickly as possible.

We are here to help

When a server loses data, we understand timing is critical. Our data recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service.

  1. Confirm your hardware, configuration, virtualization software and back up procedure
  2. Assess the server data loss situation and possible failure points
  3. Provide tips to prevent further data loss
  4. Advise on preparations for an In Lab Server Data Recovery
Pen Drive Data Recovery

We provide pen drive data recovery services to recover your valuable files from Monolithic USB pen drives and Traditional NAND USB flash drive. Count on our reliable portable USB pen drive recovery services for retrieving your missing documents, damaged photos, precious memories, movies, video files, corrupted data and music files from pen drives.

Pen Drive Data Recovery Services

Recovering files from Monolithic pen drive is an intricate task that requires in-depth domain knowledge and skill sets; therefore, it is important to seek professional pen drive recovery services for efficient and successful recovery. We can recover your files from all the loss situations:

  1. Accidental deletion
  2. Unintentional formatting of pen drive
  3. Physically damaged pen drives
  4. Virus affected pen drives
SSD Data Recovery

SSDs usually show any signs and symptoms of damage. The electronic components do not send out any or ticking sound, which is usually taken as a warning to the user about the impending failing of the disk. When the SSD stops working or responding, it is a signal that that disk might have failed, which may result in data loss. Stellar offers you following data recovery solutions for SSD data recovery.

Reasons force you to perform SSD data recovery

For all these advantages, there is no question that SSD will eventually replace hard drive technology and mark its initial mainstream debut in high-end notebooks. However, with its popularity, SSD drive data loss issues will also be paid attention to. And it's quite necessary to know the major reasons to avoid data loss troubles in SSD drive. Here are some major reasons that you may need to pay attention then:

  1. Careless deletion or formatting
  2. Virus attacking or infection
  3. Partition loss on SSD drive
  4. System failure
  5. SSD drive damage
RAID Server Data Recovery

Data recovery has amazing expertise and resources to recover data from RAID array failure. The company has over 10 years experience and provide you impeccable services with guaranteed success. Our data Recovery experts recovers lost data from all types of critical RAID breakdown. We assure you that no one can provide you a better quality recovery for your highly important business data. We follow a standard approach in order to give a safe and secured RAID recovery.

Preventive Tips for RAID Data Loss
  1. Say No to overwriting
  2. Avoid Faulty Installations
  3. Say No to RAID partition reconfiguration
  4. Ensure to Label Drives in the array at their positions
  5. Always keep a powerful antivirus software handy
  6. Make sure there is no power outage or interrupted power supply
  7. Say No to mishandling such as formatting or deleting Drive Partitions/Data
  8. Always Say No to Repair utility to repair the damaged drive on a partition that is inaccessible
SD Card Data Recovery

Get back your deleted photos, videos from SD cards. Recover your lost photos, videos captured via DSLR, MILC, smartphone, compact digital camera etc. We recover data from all branded SD cards. (Kingston, Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar etc.). You need professional help for data recovery when your SD cards fail to connect.

We have the highest success rate in recovering data from SD cards. This makes us most preferred company for data recovery from SD cards. Each Data loss situation is different, and you need different data recovery solution for every data loss. Stellar offer you following Data Recovery solution for SD cards.

Recover from All Types of Storage Devices
  1. Secure Digital card, SDHC, miniSD, MicroSD (TransFlash) card
  2. Compact Flash card, CF Type I, Type II, MicroDrive, CF card
  3. Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Duo, Pro-HG, XC, Micro(M2)
  4. MultiMedia card, MMC card recovery, XQD card, Sony XQD card
  5. SmartMedia, flash card recovery, xD Picture card
  6. Cellular phone, mobile phone memory card and digital cameras
CCTV Data Recovery

DVR hard disk data recovery is a task that requires technical expertise because any mistake can cause the video footage to be deleted forever beyond the scope of recovery. If your footage or video is not accessible then, you should go for Professional data Recovery services.

CCTV Cameras are commonly used everywhere for security and prevention of crime. CCTV video or images are automatically saved in hard drives, SSD, and other storage media devices. If CCTV video/footage is deleted or damaged then, don't panic! Because these videos or images can be recovered by restoring backup, recovery software or recovery services.

CCTV Data Recovery Services

We specialize in CCTV Data Recovery and Surveillance Data Recovery. Recovering Data from Security Camera DVR's and NVR's can present some unique problems that require innovative solutions. Because of proprietary video formats, there is an extra layer of difficulty in the data recovery process. Our focus is on retrieving your CCTV data, securing it, then creating usable copies that can be delivered both digitally and physically on a USB Flash Drive. We have recovered data from DVR's that were burned in fires, Hard Drives that had been accidentally reformatted and video from Hard Drives that had been sabotaged or vandalized.

Laptop/Desktop Data Recovery

If your laptop or desktop is not working, or you are not able to access your important data; in such cases, you need professional help to recover your important data. Irrespective of the data loss reason that you encounter in laptop or desktop, we provide fast, secure, and reliable data recovery solutions for all computers.

In case your laptop, desktop is not working, and you are not able to access your important data; it is termed as physical hard drive failure. This could be due to a PCB damage, head crash, scratches on platters or motor failure etc. In all such cases data can be recovered with the help of our professional data recovery service.

Factors that affecting recovery procedures
  1. Hard Drive Size - The physical and logical size of a hard drive can certainly affect recovery, both in terms of the tools we use to physically repair drive components and the software we use to restore lost files.
  2. Series and Model Number - Hard drive manufacturers go to great lengths to keep high standards, but due to the constraints of large-scale manufacturing, certain hard drive models are more likely to experience certain types of failures than others.
USB Data Recovery

External storage media devices are very common nowadays. We use these storage devices for data storage, or to transfer data between computers. These devices are convenient to carry and offer fast data backup and easy data recovery as compared to other storage devices.

Most commonly used external or removable media devices are Compact Disc (CDs), Digital Versatile Disc (DVDs), Blue Ray Disc, External Hard Drives, USB Pen Drives, USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, Memory Cards, Memory Sticks, Flash Drive, Solid State Drives (SSDs) etc.

Data loss/ inaccessible problems are relatively common in case of the removable devices. There can be various reasons that may turn the data inaccessible. Sometimes the computer can't access any information/data from these portable storage devices, because it may be corrupted due to improper plug-in or plug-out. Other errors like physical corruption, human errors, virus attack, logical corruption etc.

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